Learning and Teaching
Assessment and Reporting

The provision of timely feedback online provides an opportunity for parents to discuss learning outcomes with students and for students to reflect on their learning in order to improve on future assessments.

There are four reporting times in the year:

  • Interim report – End of Term 1
  • Interim report – End of Term 3
  • Semester report –  End of Term 2
  • Semester report – End of Term 4

Interim (Mid-Semester) Reports

Interim reports are available online via our parent Portal – PAM. These reports do not contain a written comment.  Interim reports indicate current student progress. The education of students at Mary MacKillop College is a partnership with parents. As such, parents are encouraged to attend parent-student-teacher interviews with their sons and daughters to discuss progress to date with teachers.

The purpose of the mid-semester report is to offer a very brief overview of each student’s performance to date in each subject.  Should any concerns be identified it is anticipated that these could be addressed in the second half of the semester.

Continuous On-Line Reporting

Our Continuous Online Reporting gives students and parents the ability to see results and feedback online. This means that each time a piece of assessment is submitted results are published for students and parents via our Learning Management System (SIMON). This feedback is generally provided within a 2-week turnaround period.

Parents will be able to access results and feedback throughout the Semester rather than waiting for the End of Semester Reports for indications on how their child is progressing.  Progressive Reporting will allow the parent and the student to see what they have achieved and what they need to improve so action can be taken to allow this to happen.

This Progressive Online Reporting helps our students improve in all areas of learning by providing:

  • Greater accountability of students’ work habits.
  • Timely feedback – provided when the task is completed and assessed.
  • Enables the teacher and the parent to identify, intervene and improve.
  • No “surprise” negative results coming home at the end of a semester.

Semester Reports

End-of-semester reporting via SIMON occurs at the end of each semester and is a summary report. Teaching staff will be required to enter the overall level of achievement for each student according to the Victorian Curriculum Achievement standards. End-of-semester reports also contain a Homeroom Report which contains attendance information and a pastoral comment that indicates to parents information about a student’s overall development and participation in the life of the College.  Homeroom Reports provide an opportunity to report on aspects of students’ learning outside of the academic classroom situation.  This reflects the College’s commitment to the development of the whole person.

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews

Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews occur twice per year and all parents are encouraged to attend.