Learning and Teaching
Junior School

Year 7

The Year 7 curriculum is an integrated and coherent transition from primary to secondary school. There are a number of important features of the Year 7 curriculum that underpin this vital year level.

Students have fewer teachers teaching more subjects. Where ever possible a Year 7 teacher will teach 2 or more subjects to the same class. This enables a teacher and students to spend more time together building significant relationships thus enhancing the learning environment.

Students have the opportunity to work in table groups of students enabling teamwork and co-operation skills to be taught and utilised in all subject areas. Students undertake “Combined Studies” which includes the study of English, S.O.S.E., and Life Skills. The study of English is integral to the course and specifically addresses literacy and communication skills as well as the appreciation of literature. Thematic units of study enable students to make links between different learning areas and help to present the curriculum as a coherent program rather than a patchwork of unrelated subjects.

Year 8

In Year 8 the curriculum seeks to consolidate what has occurred at Year 7 and prepare students for the demands and challenges of the Middle School.