Learning and Teaching
Learning Adjustment

The Learning Adjustment Program at Mary MacKillop Catholic Regional College offers students with extra, disability-based needs, support to participate in all areas schooling in our community.

Using an inclusive integrated model, students remain with their peers in the mainstream classroom, accessing support from teachers and learning assistants to access the curriculum at their current level. All care is taken to design learning adjustments to ensure our students are able to experience success, progressing through goal-based programs targeted at the individual’s needs, and fostering a culture of success.

Programme Support Group (PSG) meetings are offered each term to share and review goals and achievements and to make sure needs are met as your child progresses throughout their secondary schooling.

Personal Learning Plans (PLP) are designed early on, to make sure all teaching staff have a clear understanding of your child’s needs. These PLP’s are made in conjunction with parent feedback, allied health reports and assessments, and employ evidence-based practice to meet extra needs.

Teachers are in regular contact with the Learning Adjustment Co-Ordinator to ensure their practice caters for the variety of needs they manage, so they can discuss extra needs as they arise and so that they can work collaboratively to build complex responses to individual needs. Students who access Learning Adjustment are further supported by well-being and pastoral care systems to ensure the whole person is supported through the challenges of the teenage years.

Through inclusive learning, our students access meaningful, rigorous and dignified learning programs, personalized to get the most out of their time with us at Mary MacKillop Catholic Regional College.

Students have access to Allied Heath professionals including a Speech Pathologist.