Student Support

At Mary MacKillop College, community and caring for others is paramount. We have a strong focus on student and staff wellbeing, supported by a shared set of values and programs in order for everyone to feel safe, valued and well cared for throughout their school years and beyond.

Feeling comfortable at school and being happy and healthy has a direct impact on each student’s capacity for optimal learning – and for them to be the best they can be in their chosen field. Equally, enjoying school and being engaged in learning influences a student’s wellbeing – in particular their confidence and resilience.

The relationship between wellbeing and learning, therefore, is critical to the development of the whole person. This is why, at Mary MacKillop, we focus on the social, emotional, psychological, spiritual, moral and intellectual development of our students. Our students are supported and motivated to develop their strengths, to grow and learn from challenges and complexities, and to develop positive relationships as their foundation for learning.

A commitment to fostering growth and enabling students to flourish underpins Wellbeing at Mary MacKillop. Teachers and student support services staff work together to help students learn effectively and develop positive attitudes and behaviours.

At Mary MacKillop we will embed a culture of student safety and wellbeing by:

  • Encouraging the empowerment and participation of all students in enhancing their wellbeing and safety.
  • Educating our community about student wellbeing and safety.

The Student Wellbeing Team at Mary MacKillop consists of:

Deputy Principal Wellbeing and Organisation
Sub School Directors
Sub School Wellbeing Coordinators
Transition Coordinator
Student Counsellors


B E I N G C O U R A G O U S –

The B E I N G C O U R A G O U S program understands that wellbeing and learning are enhanced when students are provided with opportunities at school and in the community to develop a sense of meaning and purpose. Students have a sense of meaning when they have an impact on others beyond themselves. They have a sense of purpose when they pursue worthwhile goals.

Throughout the history of the Catholic Church there has been a strong understanding of virtues which have assisted individuals and communities to live happy, contented and focused lives. These virtues are seven in number and divided into two groups spiritual (3) and temporal (4)

To help empower students with a sense of meaning and purpose the B E I N G C O U R A G E O U S program has recontextualised these virtues into 6: Awareness, Understanding, Courage, Transcendence, Justice, Humanity that will help enhance their emotional intelligence and wellbeing by focusing on key areas such as Growth Mindset, Gratitude, Mindfulness, Kindness and Personal Values.

B E I N G C O U A G E O U S is underpinned by the Active Learning Framework and each Sub School has a particular focus:

  • Junior School – Making Connections: Students will look to develop new relationships, become a responsible member of the community and collaborate with their peers and teachers with kindness and respect.
  • Middle School – Thinking Deeply: Students will look to develop strategies and skills in which to engage deeply with their ongoing understanding of emotional intelligence and wellbeing.
  • Senior School – Taking Ownership: Students will look to develop skills around the management of their learning including; accountability, planning, behaviour management and reflective practices all of which will assist in promoting wellbeing around learning.