This is awarded to one student in each homeroom who has shown:

  • Strength of character in doing what is right,
  • A willingness to help others,
  • Qualities such as co-operation, courtesy and initiative, and
  • An enthusiasm and a willingness to participate in all College Activities.
7AClara Western
7BJames Copeland
7CJett Roberts
7DJulian Aeschlimann
8AMatthew Patton
8BHolly Brown
8CClaudia Croatto
8DMinna Sutherland
9ANiya Manavalan
9BOlivia Aulich
9CRyder Dowlan
9DKohen Mandemaker
9EHannah Montgomery
10AMaeve Sutherland
10BLuella Garlick
10CTayla Atyeo-Peters
10DPoppy Maxwell
10EGretchen Clarke
Cameron Noah Furness
Chisholm Eileen Tanaka-Morrison
MacDonald Reuben Foster
Tenison Katie Blackshaw


The Conscientious Effort Award recognises consistent hard work throughout the year for the selected student. These individuals have demonstrated a concerted and conscious effort to improve results across a range of subjects:

7ARoman CarrSierra Dowlan
7BRuby AdamsHarper McRae
7CWilliam StefaniAlexandra White
7DAndrew BinnichenRachel Denbrok
8ASamantha CarmichaelTara Van Den Heuvel
8BMitchell CollocottAaron Bruce
8CAllegra BogaertMikaela Piasente
8DPatrick FravalThalia Baker
9ABilly DourleyBree Glen-Weston
9BAudrey VernonMia-Rose Witteveen
9CWilliam IstedCharley Fitzgerald
9DNathan WrightLucy Heber
9EMaia EnbomErica Begg
10ALincoln HamiltonIsabelle Ferrone
10BAlexis McGuireJosh Doolan
10CAmy TreacyAnnalise O’Halloran
10DAlexie CarmichaelMax Sheahan
10EAlana GristFlynn Carrigy
Year 11Cameron (blue):Emma MarkJack Donohue
Chisholm (yellow):Lachlan AulichSara Smairl
MacDonald (green):Reuben FosterBailey Nettle
Tenison (red):Kealey OliverLiam Kaldvee


The Academic Awards recognise academic excellence and are awarded to the student who has achieved outstanding results and are the top-ranking student in the Year Level for each particular subject. 

Year 7

Hayley BlackshawArt, English, Science
Lily RylanceFrench, Religious Education
Elsie MorrisFood Studies
Skye AndersonHumanities
Daniel NjarukulamInformation Technology
Lincoln NewtonMathematics, Performing Arts, Physical Education & Health
Clara WesternMusic

Year 8

Amarli MurantyEnglish, French, Humanities, Mathematics 
Gypsy DawsonDrama
Alyssa BlackshawPhysical Education & Health
Matthew PattonProduct Design
Ava McRaeReligious Education
Louisa JohnstonScience
Julia LindsayTextiles
Aslyn ByeVisual Communication Design

Year 9

Niya ManavalanArt
Holly CarrDrama
Olivia AulichDigital Media, Humanities, Information Technology, Religious Education
Gabriella DavidsonEnglish, Mathematics, Music, Science
Erin DellFood Studies
Gemma MeadleyFrench, Physical Education & Health
Sophie GranzowMedia Arts: Photography, Textiles
Ryelan Van LeeuwenProduct Design
Henri BottVisual Communication Design

Year 10

Mia FrancisAgricultural & Horticultural Science
Zoe CouperArt, History, Law & Finance
Anna RoweBiology, English, Money & Markets, Psychology, Youth Ministry
Tayla Atyeo-PetersCareers & Industry, Music
Liam Mc NallyChemistry, Advanced Mathematics, Physics
Jenna LawrieDrama
Eleanor PedlowFood Production & Sustainability
Caitlyn CharltonFood Studies, Forensic Science
Brooklyn CollocottGeography
Joshua JinnetteApplied Mathematics
Diesel BonaddioGeneral Mathematics
Jack ParkerMedia
Patrick WilsonPhysical Education & Health, Physical Education & Human Movement
Lola Buttler-ReidReligious Education
Flynn CarrigyVET: Building and Construction (Year I)
James MontgomeryVET: Information & Communication Technology
Mackenna WhitesideVET: Sports and Recreation (Certificate II)
Katie StandfieldTheatre Studies
Phoebe ClevelandVisual Communication Design

Year 11

Cameron DourleyAgricultural & Horticultural Science, Business Management
Celeste RobinsonArt
Misha GangeBiology
Sandra DykeChemistry, English, Mathematical Methods, Psychology, Youth Ministry
Sarah Ellery-BurkeEconomics, General Mathematics, Health & Human Development
Ruby GerrishFood Studies
Liam McNallyGeography
Anna RoweLegal Studies
Dinisty FrancisLiterature, Modern History
Lillyca WhitePhysical Education
Noah FurnessPhysics
Angus HalliwellReligion & Society
Phoebe ClevelandVET: Applied Fashion Design and Technology
Tarkyn WalkerVET: Building and Construction (Year II), VM: Work-Related Skills
Katreena PolettiVET: Music Performance (Year I)
Amber WalkerVET: Sport and Recreation (Year II)
Lachlan DenbrokVisual Communications & Design, Theatre Studies
Madeline HerbertVM: Literacy
Noah DaldyVM: Numeracy
Milli MackayVM: Personal Development Skills

DUX of the Year Levels 2023

The Year Level DUX is calculated from individual academic success achieved across all subjects within the year level:

Dux of Year 7 is awarded to: Lincoln Newton

Dux of Year 8 is awarded to: Amarli Muranty

Dux of Year 9 is awarded to: Gabriella Davidson

Dux of Year 10 is awarded to: Anna Rowe

Dux of Year 11 is awarded to: Sandra Dyke

Sponsored Awards

The Catholic Education Office Award

Certificate and $250

This award is for the top student studying Religion and Society Unit 1 and Unit 2, it is sponsored by the Diocese of Sale Catholic Education Limited (DOSCEL). 

The award is for Religion and Society Unit 1: Angus Halliwell

The award is for Religion and Society Unit 2:  Emily Bowcher

The Saint Cecilia Music Medallion


A Medallion is awarded to a student who has shown dedication, enthusiasm and leadership throughout the year in the Music Program. This student has demonstrated consistent attendance at rehearsal and other activities, a cooperative and cheerful attitude, assistance with organisational tasks, and encouragement to other students when appropriate.

The recipient of the Saint Cecilia Music Medallion for 2023: Tayla Atyeo-Peters

Mary MacKillop College Debating Award

Certificate and $100

This award recognises a student who represented the College in Debating and Public Speaking. This student showed excellence in public speaking, commitment to and leadership of the debating teams, critical and creative thinking in the development of arguments and speeches, and is an important member of the debating team. 

The recipient of the Mary MacKillop College Debating Award is:  Wilhelm Layton

Panther Family Award

Certificate and $200

This award is kindly donated by David and Susan Panther in appreciation of the support and education given by the College to their children. The criteria indicate that the recipient is well-behaved and committed to the educational and pastoral values of the College. This award is given to a Year 9 student.

The recipient of the Panther Family Award is: Angeline Tomy

Campion Award 

Certificate and $50 voucher from Campion for 2023

This is an Encouragement Award, made to a Year 10 student who has shown consistent application and effort in their studies.

The recipient of the Campion Awards for this year is: Kade Berryman

Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program


The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program is an academic enrichment program.  The Program offers high-achieving Year 10 students the opportunity to engage with the University of Melbourne through an extensive program of events and activities. 

The recipient of this award is:  Zoe Couper

The Leongatha RSL 

Certificate and $100

The RSL has generously provided three encouragement awards. They aim to reward students who are applying themselves both in and outside the classroom:

The RSL Encouragement Award for Year 7: Hayley Blackshaw

The RSL Encouragement Award for Year 8: Ava McRae

The RSL Encouragement Award for Year 9: Ryelan Van Leeuwen

South Gippsland Youth Council

Certificate and $250

This award recognises outstanding student leadership at a local level.

The recipient of this award is: Tayla Atyeo-Peters

South Gippsland Bass Coast Local Learning Employment Network Award

Certificate and $200

This award recognises outstanding effort and achievement by a student in the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning.

The South Gippsland Bass Coast Local Learning and Employment Network Award for VCAL goes to:       

Year 11 – Tarkyn Walker

Year 12 – Amy Flynn

TAFE Gippsland Award

Certificate and cheque

TAFE Gippsland has recognised students for their participation in a TAFE Program. Our College has decided to support four students who excelled in their VET program.

The recipients of these awards are

Rebekah Ray 

Bella Licciardello

Laila Witteveen

Alexander Chigwidden

Australian Defence Force – Leadership and Teamwork Award

Certificate from ADF and Year 10 – $250 and Year 12 – $550

This Award acknowledges the achievements of young people who have demonstrated outstanding qualities of Leadership and Teamwork within our school and the wider community. 

Today, two of our students will be recognised for their exemplary demonstration of these values, and show great promise in becoming tomorrow’s leaders. 

The recipients of the Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Awards for 2023 are:

Year 10: Liam McNally

Year 12: Livinia Mandemaker

Australian Defence Force – Future Innovators Award

Certificate from ADF and Year 10 – $250 and Year 12 – $550

This Awards offered by the Australian Defence Force encourages the next generation of innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers – bright Australian students who are succeeding in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

The recipients of the Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Awards for 2023 are:

Year 10: Taine Lowe

Year 12: Caleb Garlick

SSV – School Sports Victoria

Engraved Medallion and Rebel Sport Voucher

This medal recognises the most outstanding student at the College who has achieved a high level academically, combined with a strong sporting contribution to the school.

The 2023 SSV Schools Award is awarded to: Luella Garlick


Medallion, Certificate and a letter of congratulations from Ampol Australia and $200

The Ampol Award is an all-rounders award recognizing students whose achievements span a number of areas including academic studies, sports, community work, conduct and leadership.  Winners are characterized by their commitment to doing their best in all their pursuits, setting outstanding examples and assisting their peers and others. 

The 2023 AMPOL award is awarded to: Grace Berryman

Achievers Assembly – 5 February 2024

There are four sponsored awards as well as the 2022 Academic Awards which will be awarded early next year: 

  • Cardell’s Accountants Humanities and Social Sciences Award
  • Leongatha Medical Group Science and Mathematics Award
  • Rhonda Malone Award
  • College Dux

These awards will be presented at the Achievers Assembly in February 2023 along with Year 12 academic awards. We wish our Year 12 students every success for their upcoming results next week.

We thank all our sponsors for their generosity and look forward to their continuing involvement with the College.

2023 House Shield 

Congratulations to Cameron House for talking out the 2023 House Shield!

Peter Noonan Memorial Award

Certificate, Plaque and $500

The Peter Noonan Award is the most prestigious award presented each year at Mary MacKillop Catholic Regional College. Over the years this award has been presented to many young people of outstanding character, dedication and enthusiasm and this year is no exception.

Peter Noonan was a teacher at Mary MacKillop Catholic Regional College from 1988 until his death on 9th December 1992. In keeping with the person Peter was, this award in memory of him, is given by the staff to a Year 10 student who they consider has contributed most to the academic and general growth of the College through their commitment to faith, dedication to studies, community spirit and compassion for others. Peter set a fine example to us all and the recipient of this award has also set a fine example. 

The recipient of the Peter Noonan Award for 2023 is:  Patrick (Patch) Wilson

(Patrick was absent and will receive his award at the Achievers Assembly in February 2024)