Year 7 and 8

In the junior years, the academic program at Mary MacKillop Catholic Regional College builds core skills and knowledge. Through years seven and eight students are given a taste of all subject areas.

The Year 7 curriculum is an integrated and coherent transition from primary to secondary school. There are a number of important features of the Year 7 curriculum that underpin this vital year level.

Students have fewer teachers teaching more subjects. Where ever possible a Year 7 teacher will teach 2 or more subjects to the same class. This enables a teacher and students to spend more time together building significant relationships thus enhancing the learning environment.

In Year 8 the curriculum seeks to consolidate what has occurred at Year 7 and prepare students for the demands and challenges of the Middle School.

Core subjects at Years 7 and 8 include:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • French
  • Physical Education and Health
  • Pastoral & Life Skills
  • Art and Technology – semester-based subjects

Year 7

Visual Arts – Art

Performing Arts – Music

Food Technology

ICT – Information Communication Technology

Year 8

Visual Arts – Visual Communication Design

Performing Arts – Drama


Production Design Technology (wood)