Social Justice

Our Social Justice program provides opportunities for students to acknowledge and explore issues in our local and global communities. Students are encouraged to have and show respect for each other and be aware of the needs in our community and surrounding environment, working together to create a just world in the true spirit of Mary MacKillop.

Two of our major College Fundraisers each year are:

Caritas – During Lent each year we ask the College Community to support Caritas by donating money to this worthy cause.

Walkathon – Since it’s commencement in 1999 our Walkathon is held on 8 August each year – being Mary MacKillop’s Feast Day. Our Social Justice Captains research and decide which charity groups or local community groups they would like to support with funds raised. Each year we aim to raise $20,000. Students commit to the 11km walkathon from Koonwarra back to Leongatha and ask families for sponsorship, each class organises a fundraiser at school, selling cakes and slices at recess, hot food (Pasta, Chips and BBQ’s) and drinks (Milkshakes and Slushies) at lunchtime as well as other activities like car washes.

We seek to develop a social conscience in our students through faith in action and ‘Never see a need without doing something about it’ in our daily lives. Opportunities through retreats, liturgies and Justice camps continue to strengthen students’ awareness of local and global issues and understanding the Gospel Values.

Social Justice means to me helping those in need irrespective of religion, culture, race or gender. As a school, we have been taught these values of social justice through our work with the Walkathon, which has required us to help within our local to global scale, as well as walk in solidarity for those we are helping. Harriett and Hannah – Justice Captains 2018