Transition Program

Transition is a subjective and individual process for students. Some move with ease from Primary to Secondary school and for them, the transition program is a time to have fun, experience change gladly and move forward socially.

For other students, the movement from the known to the unknown can be a time of anxiety and insecurity which requires a very nurturing and controlled approach. The benefits of our Transition Program are that each event is unique enough to offer new opportunities for those who are ready to embrace change willingly while offering enough support and structure to introduce new experiences to the less confident student.

Grade 5 – Discovery Day

Students are offered an insight into the life of a Mary MacKillop student. Students have the opportunity to undertake activities such as Woodwork, Cooking, Science and PE. This day is designed to be a fun, hands-on day to familiarise students with the geography of the College and the structure of a secondary school day.

Our 2024 Grade 5 Discovery Day (for students in year 7 in 2026) will be held in October 2024.

Grade 6 – Activity day

The Grade 6 Activity Day varies from the Discovery Day in allowing students an opportunity to participate in more academic subjects such as Math, English, Humanities and Science. Students get a feel of classroom life, completing tasks and working with subject-specific teachers.

Our next Grade 6 Activity Days (for students in Year 7 2025):

Please note: Places for the 6th of May are limited so please make sure that you submit your form by the due date! Late submissions will be unable to be accommodated.

Year 7 – Orientation Day

The Orientation program includes all students enrolled in Year 7 in the following year to experience a complete school day. It is a further opportunity for students to mix socially and for teachers to develop a relationship with students to assist in the development of class lists. Second-hand school uniform is able to be purchased and any last minute questions can be addressed in order to prepare for the academic year ahead.

Year 7 – Activity day

The Year 7 Activity Day is held in the first 2 weeks of school. The program is a series of Homeroom based activities aimed to instill a sense of belonging and provide further opportunities for students to meet new friends and settle into life as a Mary MacKillop student.

Students are also introduced to the broader range of school personnel, such as Librarians, the School Counsellor, Deputy Principals, a broad range of Junior School teachers as well as Senior Students in Leadership Positions. School House based activities are also run on the day in order that students have contact with their House Captains prior to the commencement of the House Sports program.

Year 7 – Orientation Camp

The Year 7 Camp is an important time for students to consolidate friendships and also meet a broader range of students in their Year Level. Students are encouraged to extend themselves both socially and physically while having fun across a broad range of camp activities. It is a great way for informal communication between the Year 7 teachers and their students providing a solid foundation for trust and growth.

Additionally, the Year 7 cohort are joined by Senior School captains, as well as members of the Peer Support Team who assist students in developmental games and producing acts for the all-important Camp Trivia evening!

It is a fun and interactive camp and has an important role in ensuring all students have formed friendships and feel a sense of belonging to the College Community.