VCE/ VM Results

Congratulations to the Mary MacKillop Catholic Regional College class of 2023! We are very pleased and proud of our students’ VCE results. 53 sat for VCE exams and all have succeeded. The class of 2023 has done extremely well.  Most will gain entry to their first or second preference for University. There are lots of excited students and happy families today. We are proud of them all.

Number of students presenting for VCE exams 53

Number with satisfactory completion 53

Top Four:

Gabrielle Perry 97.55 and Dux

James Rowe 96.2

Jordan Clarke 93.35

Martha Dunemann 91.6

Initial calculations give the following:

  • Median Study Score of 30
  • Overall Study Scores of 40 or above 6.3%
  • 20.76% of our individual students achieved at least one study score of 40 or above
  • 13.2% of ATAR scores above 90
  • 26.4% of ATAR scores above 80
  • 28.3% of ATAR are in top quarter
  • 47.17% of ATAR scores above 70

A very big thank-you to the teachers who have worked so well to get the most out of their students over the last six years. This comes from strong, effective teaching across a number of years.

There are a number of classes where multiple students have a study score of 40 or more – this only happens when the teacher really knows her or his business and has worked hard for their students.

Our Applied Learners have also done very well. There were 14 students pursuing applied pathways and with notable success – of the 14:

  • 4 have secured places in their preferred TAFE courses 
  • 1 has gained a traineeship
  • 6 have begun employment 
  • 3 are seeking TAFE / Employment

Congratulations to all students, as well as our staff, the results for 2023. Mary MacKillop Catholic Regional College is proud of you and of your achievements.