College Counsellor

Our counselling service provides support for students who are dealing with a variety of concerns, including personal issues, relationship issues, behavioural issues, bullying, depression and anxiety, health issues, personal loss and grief, resolving conflicts or academic challenges.

We aim to provide students with the strategies necessary to enable them to manage themselves and their school performance in the most effective way possible. Support for families is also available and our Counsellor can refer families to appropriate services, if required.

Our Student Counsellor’s are available on campus throughout the school day. Students are able to access these services through confidential appointments made at their discretion. Our team operates within strict guidelines regarding confidentiality. All discussions students have with our Counsellor are kept confidential, unless there is a risk to a student’s safety, or the safety of others. Student participation in counselling is voluntary. Students may self-refer for counselling, or College staff and parents may refer them.

The Wellbeing Team is involved in preventative educational programs, for example, Cybersafety, Health and Life Skills program. In addition, we are actively involved in the presentation of various pastoral topics across all year levels. The programs run by the counselling team provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in dealing with problems of everyday living.

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