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College Uniform

All students are expected to wear the regulation College Uniform whilst at school and travelling to and from the College. All items of the uniform including the shoes, must always be kept clean and tidy. Full summer or winter uniform must be worn to and from school, and at any time a student leaves the school during the day. Sports uniforms are not to be worn to and from school except for Year Level Sport days and whole School Sports Days.


Branded items of uniform (blazers, jumpers etc.) are available from Panther’s Mensland in Leongatha.

The college has a second-hand book and uniform page on which you can look for or request items: www.facebook.com/groups/mmcrc2ndhand/

(Please ensure you check booklists to ensure you are purchasing correct editions of texts)

Uniform Brochures

All new uniform items can be purchased through Panthers Mensland in Leongatha and Wonthaggi. Layby is available, please contact Panthers to arrange an appointment time for a new uniform fitting.

Leongatha: 20 McCartin Street, 03 5662 5550 pantherleon@outlook.com

Wonthaggi: 118 Graham Street, 03 5672 5644 pantherwon@outlook.com

Panthers price list


Summer Uniform Winter Uniform
College blazer College blazer
College summer dress College tartan skirt or College navy trousers
College jumper Long sleeved white shirt
White College socks College jumper
Black leather school shoes Navy blue tights with skirt or Dark navy or black/navy socks with trousers
Plain navy hat Black Leather School Shoes
College tie
Plain navy scarf (optional)


Summer Uniform Winter Uniform
College blazer College blazer
Grey tailored school shorts College jumper
College white short sleeved shirt College grey trousers
College jumper Long sleeved white shirt
Grey College socks College jumper
Black leather school shoes College tie
Plain navy hat Grey socks
Black leather school shoes

All Students

Sports Uniform
College sport jacket
College rugby top
College track pants (blue)
College sports shirt
College shorts (red)
White sports socks
Plain navy hat (compulsory terms 1 and 4)

School Shoes

Academic: Black lace up shoes for both boys and girls, girls are also permitted to wear black t-bar style footwear. No runner style black shoes.

Sport: Support sport footwear. No high top shoes.










** Note: in term 1, until the Labour Day holiday weekend, the College Blazer is optional. However, if an outer garment is worn, it must be the blazer.

The changeover of uniform from summer to winter is the last 2 weeks of term 1 and the first 2 weeks of term 2, this means that either uniform may be worn, but must
be worn in its entirety. After this date the winter uniform must be worn. For Winter to Summer it is the last 2 weeks of term 3 and the first 2 weeks of term 4, then the summer uniform must be worn.

General Appearance
Hair: Student’s hair must be clean and tidy and tied back if longer than the collar. Extreme styles are not acceptable. Hair ties must be plain, simple and black or in school colours. Boys are to be clean-shaven at all times.
Make-up: Absolutely no make-up is to be worn at school. This includes nail polish.
Jewellery: Earing’s: only one set of plain studs or small (10 – 15mm diameter). Sleepers may be worn in the lobe of each ear. A crucifix on a fine chain and/or a fine plain ring may be worn. No other jewellery is permitted.
Hats: All students are encouraged to wear a plain navy blue hat which is the only acceptable hat to wear to and from school. A plain navy hat must be worn at recess and lunch and for sport and timetabled PE classes in terms 1 and 4.
Dress and Skirt lengths: Skirts and dresses must be a length such that the hem touches the back of the girl’s lower legs when they are kneeling down.
Tattoos: Tattoos are not permitted if they are visible when the correct College uniform is worn.
Undergarments: These should not be visible. When the white College shirt is worn the undergarments should be a plain white. No colours or T-shirts slogans etc. should be visible through the white shirt.

Uniform Pass
Any student out of uniform must have a written explanation from his/her parent/guardian. This will be presented to the Homeroom teacher who will exchange it for a signed Uniform Pass which must then be presented to any teacher on request. Failure to comply with uniform standards will result in disciplinary action.